CalAmp introduces load-control analytical solution

CalAmp Corp., a provider of wireless products, services and solutions, has introduced CalAmp Energy Management and Control, or EMC, a load-control analytical solution for monitoring and managing demand response for electric utilities' Smart Grid applications.

"With CalAmp EMC, utility operators can deploy and manage a broad portfolio of load reduction programs in a single networked solution," said Mike Zachan, General Manager of CalAmp's Wireless Networks business, while at the Distributech Conference and Exhibition in San Diego, CA.

"Our solution can stand alone or be tightly integrated with existing load-control programs and devices to provide a cost-effective, reliable and powerful load-control and analysis solution for better demand forecasting and rapid event response."

CalAmp EMC includes management center, analytics, COLT (CalAmp On-Line Telemetric platform, energy gateways, and home control.