B&W to manufacture nuclear components to support US defense programs

Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear Operations Group, Inc., or B&W, a subsidiary of The Babcock & Wilcox Company, has received contracts totaling more than $510 million for the manufacture of nuclear components to support US defense programs including the manufacture of naval nuclear power systems for submarines and aircraft carriers.

The entire amount was appropriated in the fourth quarter of 2012. Of this work, more than $445 million was issued as options under the $2 billion contract awarded to B&W NOG in 2010 and more than $65 million is issued under a new agreement awarded for fiscal year 2013. Work will be performed at B&W NOG's Lynchburg, Va., Barberton and Euclid, Ohio and Mt. Vernon, Ind. facilities over an eight-year period, beginning January 2013.

"B&W NOG is pleased to continue to provide components and services to the US Naval Reactors Program through these new contracts," said Peyton S. Baker, President of B&W NOG. "We are honored to have such an important role in supporting the defense of our nation."