Bank Millennium rolls out Finance Manager to mobile devices

Bank Millennium SA has announced that it will allow customers to use the Finance Manager, a personal finance management application, from their mobile phones.

Following the March premiere in the Internet banking system, Finance Manager launches its roll-out to mobile devices - first of all iPhones (December 2012), then mobile handsets powered by Android operating system, the company said.

The Finance Manager categorizes, sorts, lists, analyses and visualizes both historical transactions (a year back) as well as current ones (bank transactions, transfers and card transactions pending authorization and cleared). Finance Manager puts customers in control of their monthly income and expenses, helping manage the household budget.

Ricardo Campos, Director of the Electronic Banking Department, said: "We are focused on providing customers with solutions, which are attractive and useful at the same time. Customers do not like useless gadgets. Aware of the great popularity of Finance Manager among Internet customers (several million views every month) we have also brought it to cell phones.

"I am confident the new functionality will be liked especially by customers who are always on the move. While still in a shop, making a bigger card payment, they will be able to see how the transaction impacts their home budget or will be able to immediately change the category to e.g. Christmas expenses."

As in the Internet version, spending categories in the Finance Manager mobile version are pre-defined (naturally they can be changed if necessary) and filled-in with data from the last 12 months - thus the home budget structure can be seen in plain view. A definite advantage of Finance Manager is the user friendly and eye-catching GUI and ease of operation - all functionalities are adapted to mobile device requirements, the company added.

According to the company, users can change spending categories and create their own sub-categories; choose cards and accounts, which they want shown in reports; activate and deactivate transactions on own accounts (deposits and savings accounts) and define own rules of allocating incoming transactions. It is worth emphasizing that transactions, reports and summaries are up to date. This means that they are shown in Finance Manager immediately after a transaction has been executed or accepted by the system.