Axcelis and Lam Research announce strategic collaboration agreement

Axcelis Technologies, Inc., a semiconductor equipment manufacturer, and Lam Research Corp., a supplier of wafer fabrication equipment and services, have announced a strategic collaboration agreement focusing on the interrelationship between ion implantation, etch processes, and photoresist strip applications, including material modification implants and high-dose implant strip, or HDIS.

Separately, Axcelis decided that it will exit the dry-strip business and divest its dry-strip intellectual property and technology, including the advanced non-oxidizing process technology of its Integra product line, to Lam Research, allowing Axcelis to focus exclusively on the ion implant market. Axcelis will continue to ship its 300 mm dry-strip products through August 2013, and support the large Axcelis installed base indefinitely, including all existing parts and service contracts.

For Lam, in addition to acquiring all of Axcelis' dry-strip IP, the collaboration agreement provides for cooperation with Axcelis in the area of advanced implant technology focused on further strengthening its etch, dry-strip, clean, and deposition offerings. Contamination from improperly prepared surfaces, particularly after high-dose implants, can affect the deposition and adhesion of subsequent layers, impacting device yield. Advanced semiconductor nodes can use material modification implant techniques in conjunction with advanced etch processes to achieve improved device performance.

Mary Puma, chairman and CEO of Axcelis, stated, "Axcelis is excited to be working closely with Lam under the collaboration agreement to provide customers solutions where implant, etch, and dry-strip processes interact. Axcelis made the strategic decision to focus on the ion implantation market and we believe that Lam Research, already a leader in dry-strip, is the best company to utilize its existing dry-strip products to provide both Axcelis and Lam customers with continued access to superior dry-strip technology."