Arrow Electronics announces update to Lighting Designer platform

Arrow Electronics, Inc., a provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions, has announced an update to Arrow Lighting Designer, a cloud-based application platform that enables engineers to design complete LED lighting solutions in an online environment.

Arrow Lighting Designer includes a host of new features for both novice and expert engineers that further shrink the design cycle. The latest version brings new design workflows such as incorporating turn-key lighting modules, building on reference designs developed by Arrow lighting experts, and leveraging a design assistant to specify design constraints, in addition to a custom designer workflow that provides full flexibility for expert users.

A new thermal engine allows users to perform system thermal analysis on the entire design. The ROI (return on investment) analysis feature has now been extended to support the complete system rather than evaluating the light source. With a choice of more than 6,500 components, users can review availability and pricing from Arrow as well as download a BOM for the entire design.

This integrated design environment combines multiple modules including light sources, secondary optics, power supplies, connectors, heat sinks, and boards to develop a system solution. With built-in design guidelines, simulation and analytical engines, and a BOM module, engineers can get results and access to a portfolio of products from component manufacturers, all in an intuitive online environment.