Altair to supply 2MW ALTI-ESS Advantage energy storage system for HNEI

Altair Nanotechnologies Inc., a provider of high-power, energy storage systems for the electric grid, has received a firm contract from Hawai'i Natural Energy Institute, or HNEI, at Manoa to supply a 2MW ALTI-ESS Advantage energy storage system for a grid stability demonstration project.

HNEI selected Altairnano and the ALTI-ESS Advantage after two prior energy storage system purchases focused on renewable energy integration. The ALTI-ESS Advantage supplies 2MW of power and 397kWh of energy as part of a new product offering that has a 25% smaller footprint and lower cost per MW than the product it replaced. The research project, funded through a grant from the Office of Naval Research, will help validate the performance characteristics of the ALTI-ESS Advantage and demonstrate the effectiveness of energy storage to integrate solar photovoltaic power generation into the electric grid.

"With this project, we will continue important work to validate the effectiveness of advanced energy storage systems in improving the electric grid, reducing emissions and providing the citizens of Hawai'i with continued growth in the use of renewable energy," said Dr Rick Rocheleau, executive director of HNEI.

"Energy storage systems will play a critical role in the integration of renewable sources of energy into the grid," said Alexander Lee, CEO of Altairnano. "We are very pleased to build upon our relationship with HNEI, and look forward to integrating our newest system, the ALTI-ESS Advantage, into our third renewable energy project with HNEI."