Advanced Energy introduces Paramount 2MHz power supply system

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc., which manufactures power conversion, solar inverters and control systems, has introduced its Paramount 2MHz power supply system.

The complete Paramount platform, which spans frequencies from 400 kHz to 60 MHz, provides enabling plasma management in thin-film processing environments. In sub 22-nm pulsing applications, the Paramount RF pulsing provides synchronized, multi-frequency RF power to improve etch rate selectivity, substrate profile control and film uniformity in an operating window, the company said.

The 2 MHz mid-frequency addition completes the Advanced Energy (AE) Paramount suite of RF power delivery systems. Its built-in ability to synchronize with other Paramount units simplifies power supply integration and operation across multiple frequencies, while its pulsing features - such as user-selectable pulse and phase synchronization and arc management- provide semiconductor tool manufacturers RF control to innovate at the sub-22 nm level and beyond, the company added.

Yuval Wasserman, president of AE Thin Films, said, "We expect the comprehensive Paramount product platform to become further established across the industry in etch and deposition processesboth in semiconductor, with the development of advanced materials and new device geometries, and in other thin-film processing applications.

"The common controls, measurement and advanced features facilitate process integration and optimization across multiple frequencies without the need for customization or complicated protocols. In addition, the Paramount's advanced pulsing technology, combined with our Navigator II matching network's tune-while pulsing capability, delivers exceptional plasma control."