Accela introduces updated version of the Accela Inspector app

Accela, Inc., a provider of mobile-, web- and cloud-based software, has introduced an updated version of the Accela Inspector app for government inspectors and investigators for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.

According to the company, the Inspector app allows permitting, licensing, and code enforcement professionals to perform onsite inspections and investigations by connecting them to its back-office data and geographic information system (GIS) maps. Accela Inspector is part of the Accela 'Platform4Gov,' a framework for increasing government productivity and citizen engagement through mobile apps built on top of Accela's foundational technology.

The new version of the Inspector app provides improvements in process management. Inspectors can create new inspections as well as reschedule or reassign inspections while working in the field. In addition, they can view job lists on their mobile device even when offline, allowing them to perform inspections in areas with no or limited Internet connectivity. The updated app also allows for better management of inspection contacts, enabling users to add new contacts, update existing contacts, or look up contact information, the company said.

Inspectors and investigators will benefit from a performance and usability upgrade in the new version of Accela Inspector. The app provides a redesigned map toolbar with more legible and intuitive controls that can be collapsed to leave room for a larger map area. It also offers support for iPhone 5, the company added.

"Accela Inspector provides productivity improvements that take a great app to the next level," said Brian Wienke, Accela Senior Product Manager. "Accela listened to feedback from users and we responded with efficiency enhancements that will save them time and reduce fuel consumption."