Absolute Software launches new IT service management solution

Absolute Software Corporation, a provider of computer security and endpoint management services and products, has launched Absolute Service, an IT service management, or ITSM, solution.

The Absolute Service user interface is customizable with more than 140 widgets so that technicians can self-design their user interface for an interactive and efficient working environment. To support IT mobility, technicians can access the console on-the-go with native apps for iOS and Android, the company said.

With the launch of Absolute Service, Absolute Software now provides IT with an integrated solution across all ITIL processes. There are several editions of Absolute Service available including a Helpdesk edition. Absolute Service currently integrates with Absolute Manage for seamless access to configuration management data and more precise root-cause and impact analysis.

"Absolute Service provides IT with the information they need to analyze the potential impact of each service request," states Darren Williams, vice president and General Manager of Service Management at Absolute Software. "With this complete view they can effectively manage requests, resources, and prove each step of the process was properly carried out with one-click audit records."